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The Koonces lives and ministries have been transformed in many ways since moving to Rwanda.

One of the most significant changes has been the method of work. They have partnered with other teams of missionaries in an official NGO (Non-Government Organization). African Transformation Network or ATN became an official recognized NGO is April 2009. The organization’s goal is to make disciples among the people of Rwanda by showing the compassion and service that was modeled by Jesus Christ. They are using the skills and experience God has given each of them to serve in programs that will benefit Rwandans, providing them with education and assistance to improve their situation.

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God has assembled a very diverse and talented group of servants in the membership of ATN. Among the volunteers there is training in business management, computer technology, medicine & dietetics, sports & youth training, and arts & craftsmanship. The core team is made up of Americans and Rwandans alike.

Marty’s primary role is being coach to the Rwandan National Taekwondo team (click here to see more about sports ministry). Louise is involved with ATN’s ministry to street boys, where she teaches art and is helping develop income generating crafts (click here to see more about the art class).

For more detailed information about ATN- its programs and participants, click here.

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