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Hello Again Friends

June 27, 2014

Looking at the last publish date, we should surely be ashamed. This has not been our main means of communication, but we have been reminded that different people like different types of information. So let’s give this another go…

At present, we are furloughing in America. It is a short run, only nine weeks. We began the trip with an immediate dash to Birmingham, Alabama, with jet lag close on our tails. Hosted by Homewood Church of Christ in Birmingham, we gathered with other ATN missionaries, and supporters for KumvaRwanda. The weekend was rich in story telling and prayer. We were blessed to have representatives of some of our supporting churches from as far away as Colorado, Illinois and Virginia. (I think we won the prize for bringing the most visitors from the most cities!)

We heard great feedback from the people attending, that now the big picture of our mission in Rwanda through ATN, is more clear.

We left early and drove hard to get the three younger boys to Camp Tahkodah in Floral, Arkansas. This is a highlight for them during our Summer trips to the States. They fill up on making friends and exploring their relationship with God on their own.

The two week time frame gave Marty and I the much needed window for a vacation. We made the most of the opportunity – from the Gulf Coast white sands of Florida to the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. We played, ate and rested well!

We claimed our boys from camp and began the more work-focused part of furlough; reporting on the work in Rwanda, interspersed with family visits. This week, we have or will be sharing with Bentonville, AR., Greenville, MS., Conway, AR. and Monticello, AR.

We hope to see you along the way. We will be traveling to Texas next week.


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  1. Sanna permalink
    June 27, 2014 9:17 pm

    Look forward to you being at Glenwood! In case I don’t get a chance to talk with you while you’re here, I want Marty to know that his use of the word “Papa” when he prays has revolutionized my prayer life. Thanks!

  2. June 27, 2014 9:37 pm

    Sanna, I do hope we can connect. Thank you for saying that.

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