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Lost post: final word on the leg break!

May 8, 2013

I found this ‘lost blog’ on my phone today. Needed to post it to thank some special people. On a note of healing I had my first workout on the bike today back on the road. Negotiating traffic wasn’t easy, but I was so thankful to be outside on a beautiful day riding through the hills of Rwanda.

The final word on broken leg:
I could not have made it without all of you. From Caleb who sat by my side and fended off the crowd and police as well as made the necessary phone calls and then spent nights with me in the hospital. To my dear bride, Louise who held me on the journey to the hospital, parented solo while I stayed there, postponed Christmas just for me, and then chauffeured me around as I stubbornly refused to stop coaching. To all the dear friends who came to visit me in the hospital (one even brought by a visiting uncle who just happened to be the stunts and action scenes director for the last twelve Bond films!). To all of you back home in the states who prayed and encouraged from afar. I thank you all and praise God for you. He made us for community. It is the unmerited favor of His love poured out through your love, concern, prayers, and service to me that has healed, sustained, encouraged, and given me peace. Again, thank you for being my family.

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