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Preparing for Furlough

May 17, 2012

When I complain about every little thing: the guys who run red lights, the girls that refuse to walk on the perfectly good new sidewalk and instead walk in the road, the incessant barking of the dog next door, the price of apples from Egypt (or South Africa) ……

Well, when it gets like that, I know I need a break. It has been two years and I am ready to get out of Dodge. I know deep down inside that I love our life and love being exactly where God has us, but I need rest from the constant pressure of being out of place. The countdown to furlough is on.

Monday last, Marty boarded a plane ahead of us, “bound for the Americas”. He will be attending KumvaRwanda, the gathering of ATN supporters and interested persons in Allen, Texas. This is the first meeting of this kind for ATN and we hope it will be an annual event. It is the best opportunity for people Stateside to get the big picture of what our organization does. There will be representatives from our foreign missionary community and our Rwandan national family. 

Consider this a final plea for you to attend. Our furlough this year will be very abbreviated, so our travels will be limited. We want you to KumvaRwanda – Hear Rwanda.

The boys and I must remain here until exams are completed. We leave the evening of their last day of school.

Please be in prayer for KumvaRwanda, exams and our travels.

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