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November 3, 2011

What is the connection between ATN, DMM, and TKD?  Well we work for ATN and we want to initiate a DMM, but we are here to serve the people of Rwanda in a way that blesses them to advance as a people and answers felt needs that they have.  TKD, also known as Tae kwon do (the martial art developed in Korea) is a way that God has blessed me to be able to meet a felt need among the people of Rwanda.  Some of the remnants of the genocide are a deep feeling of vulnerability, fear, and a lack of confidence.  Additionally many of the youth are missing direction and discipline in their lives because they lacked parental influence due to a loss of a generation of adults as well as an aftereffect from the trauma of the genocide itself.  TKD (don’t you love all the acronyms?) meets a lot of these felt needs in addition to being infused with faith in Jesus Christ as His message is shared during the daily practices and teachings.  It has become a connector for us in ATN to communities of Rwandans that we seek to share the love of Jesus with through a DMM.  It looks like this.  As I go out and work amongst Rwandans teaching TKD as a sport, coaching the National Olympic Team, and serving as Technical Advisor to the National Federation of TKD, I am coming into contact with Rwandans from all sectors of society from members of parliament and presidential appointees, to members of the media and other professionals, all the way down to street kids and orphans.  Those who show themselves hospitable and spiritually engaging, I encourage to begin a group in their home that are interested in knowing God better and train them to facilitate the studies for that group.  This group study begins and the desire to love and obey God is born out in its initiation of additional groups of disciples.  This disciple making movement is centered on simple and real worship of God through obedience to His Word and sharing His word with others.  These groups meet weekly and are encouraged and guided through the study, obedience, and sharing of God’s Word. Through this they become more mature and exemplify the legitimate character of the family of Christ they are becoming.

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