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What is a DMM?

November 2, 2011

Our goal in Rwanda is to initiate and encourage a Disciple Making Movement that accomplishes God’s desires to heal and reconcile Rwanda after the genocide that occurred in 1994.  We believe that a D.M.M. was what Jesus was commissioning each of us to in Matthew 28:18-20, to go and make disciples.  This, we hope, will be fulfilled, through relationships established by the services of A.T.N.  Through these people of peace that God brings us into community with, who express hospitality, and are willing to be engaged spiritually we then initiate the disciple making process.  The process itself is very simple and is based on the qualities found in Acts for the groups of disciples recorded there as well as the responsibilities of disciples to obey God’s Word and share it with others.  In simple terms a movement of disciple making occurs when groups of disciples initiate and train other groups of disciples in a way that is self-replicating.  As Rwanda continues its long process of recovery from the genocide, it is our hope that God’s love will spread through this simple movement of services rendered in the name of Jesus and loving obedience to his Word.

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