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The Uniqueness of ATN:

October 31, 2011

A.T.N. is composed of workers from Rwanda and the U.S., but it is purely (at this time) a Rwandan organization.  The U.S. workers (missionaries) work for and do not run the organization.  It is Rwandan directed and is subject to Rwandan laws and accountable for its work to the Rwandan government.  Whereas much of the funding comes from the U.S., at this time, and even the missionaries themselves, the relationship between the U.S. workers and Rwandans is one of equality and voluntary submission.  This is a challenge to overcome after more than a century of Western based mission efforts that were directed and funded by foreigners only and subject to their whims and desires.  In those works there was typically minimal cultural understanding and consideration in addition to a demand for immediate results of conversions.  This strategy created a scenario of short term gains and long term loss for both the foreign missionary workers and the nationals they had come to serve.  We at A.T.N. have sought to alter that.  A.T.N. has been blessed with great Rwandan leadership and input since its inception and has entrusted itself to be Rwandan led and to meet Rwanda’s needs with its U.S. workers volunteering their services for the intention of meshing with Rwanda’s needs and raising up Rwandan disciple makers.  In short, the U.S. volunteers seek to be accountable on all levels to the Rwandans they have been called to serve.  It is a work in progress, unique by need and design and we are full of hope that through it God will bring about something uniquely wonderful.

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  1. Neil Rampy permalink
    October 31, 2011 12:41 pm

    You’re doing great work, Marty!

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