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What is A.T.N.?

October 30, 2011

A.T.N. Stands for Africa Transformation Network.  It is the faith in Jesus based non profit organization that we work for in Rwanda.  It is made of workers from both Rwanda and the U.S.  They partner with the intention of influencing the people of Rwanda to put their hope in Jesus.  It is A.T.N.’s hope to see Rwanda transformed by God’s love.  To accomplish this we serve the people of Rwanda physically and spiritually.  For the U.S. workers, the purposeful and measurable service they give is what justifies their annual work permits in Rwanda.  Examples of physical services rendered are the sport programs such as Tae Kwon Do and soccer; the educational programs that include English, computers, and literacy; and community development that is anchored by service to genocide orphans in the Xtra Mile ministry and the rescue of street kids in the Peace House Program.  Contained within every service offered is the seed of hope of a relationship that leads to discipleship to Jesus.  This is the aim of the spiritual services of A.T.N., that we are able, through genuine relationships, to initiate and train groups to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  This is what we term a disciple making movement or D.M.M.  and it is the driving force of A.T.N. and embodies our deepest longings for Rwanda for its reconciliation and healing.

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