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ATN National Team Retreat

February 23, 2011

Recently, all volunteers and staff of ATN gathered  for a weekend retreat. During the three days we revisited the vision of our organization, redefined  our mission and began sculpting some processes for meeting the objectives we have established. Our discussions were led by our newly appointed Director, Charles Kabeza and Deputy Director Murphy Crowson. Charles’ appointment is an especially important milestone for ATN, as we are striving to be an organization of Rwandans serving Rwandans.

It was apparent in recent meetings that the foreign missionaries had been guilty of making decisions independent of our Rwandan colleagues. This retreat, however was the first step in partnership. There was a beautiful spirit of unity among all present. Some remarkable things occurred because of it: Americans were asking questions and Rwandans were speaking up to give opinion and counsel. There was a very emotional moment when we, foreign volunteers, apologized to our brothers for having run ahead and apart from them. The grace and love that flowed from that moment could not be measured, but felt.

Sunday morning was the climax of the retreat. We pent several hours in worship together, singing in both our native languages, praying over one another, serving each other communion and recounting the ways that God has worked among all of us in Rwanda.

Over the next few weeks we will be evaluating our current work at ATN and developing strategies for the future of our work. We need clear focus on how to initiate new projects and incorporate the Disciple Making Movement into everything we do.

We covet your prayers.

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