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XMM Annual Celebration Sunday

January 31, 2011

Charles Kabeza

One of the delights of working with ATN is the partnership we have with Xtra Miles Ministry. You have probably heard us talk about Charles Kabeza and XMM before, so we won’t give a lot of details here. (If you want further information about the orphan ministry that has created a thriving community please visit Xtra Miles Ministries.

Each year Charles has organized a special celebration Sunday in order to praise God for what he has done in the previous year. Members of the Xtra Mile community are present as well as leaders in the Rwandan community we live in. Students from the education program are given an opportunity to testify to the changes in their lives brought about by the sense of family they have experienced in the program. People that have benefitted from the ‘Mobile Family’ come in from distant villages to bear witness to the blessing they have received as well.

Charlotte cooking

One important difference in this year’s event was the reduced planning from Charles. Oh, he hasn’t fallen down on the job. On the contrary, he has been training these young men and women well. It was evident by their initiative and participation. The program was organized by the members of the XMM community. The tents and chairs were set up by them. Even the food was prepared by the young women. And most impressive, is the fact that much of the funding for the day’s party was collected from among the XMM family members themselves.

Marty was asked to speak on behalf of ATN. He affirmed the XMM community for their acts of service and love to each other. (Ironically, Marty spoke in Kinyarwanda and Willy translated into English.)

Marty and Willy

They have been an example to all of us. Charles and Caleb started the program with very little resources, but hearts bursting with compassion for those who have lost their families. The rest of us have been in awe of their work. We have had very little to do with their success, but have been so encouraged to watch what God has accomplished with such humble beginnings.

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  1. Jenna permalink
    January 31, 2011 6:24 pm

    perfect timing for this post! I am home today, and had set aside time to pray for ATN, as Murphy had requested last week. I have been looking at the ATN website and had been trying to avoid facebook, but am glad I ran across your link here. I will pray for Charles & the beautiful faces of the young men & women, as well as all of you I already know & love who are diligently serving in the different ministries.

  2. Anna Mitchell permalink
    February 1, 2011 4:47 pm

    Thanks for the wonderful update and the beautiful pictures!

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