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Howdy, Tyler Texas

August 29, 2010

Koonce & Neal kids clowning around.

We left Northwest Arkansas and headed south to Tyler, Texas. Three years ago, the Glenwood Church in Tyler took us on to co-sponsor our mission in Rwanda. As most of you know, Brian and Kristin Robinson were named our liasons, but soon became our teammates and joined us across the ocean. We have been blessed to gain new contact people that we have a long-standing relationship with, Don and Jane Neal. Marty has known Don since he was a kid. Even more significantly to us is the fact that Don and Jane were missionaries in Kara, Togo some of the years we were there. God has given us liasons that have lived abroad and that have experienced the challenges and joy that missionary life brings. We were able to spend time with them and brainstorm about the role they can play and how we can fulfill our responsibility to Glenwood as well.

Thank you to Don and Jane for the plans you made and meals you organized and appointments you scheduled for us while we were in Tyler.

The boys with Uncle Bill & Aunt Virginia

We were also generously hosted by Dr. & Mrs. Bill Chambers, who quickly were granted the title of Uncle and Aunt. They opened not only their home to us, but their hearts.

There were evening meals planned with many families at Glenwood which gave us a grand opportunity to get to know them better. Thanks so much for all the delicious meals and the fellowship.

Felix and Trevor got a tube ride on the lake.

While we were visiting Tyler, our language teacher, Felix Hagenimana came to see us. Felix was in the States for a literacy training program in Oklahoma, but had enough time to get down South to be with us for a weekend. A highlight for him was being taken in a boat ride and tubing on the lake. Felix had never been swimming and even though he was sure he would die, he had a great time. The highlight for us was on Sunday, when Felix spoke to members of the church about Rwanda and the things God is doing there.

There were so many kind gestures made to bless us while with Glenwood, we just want to say a general thank you to all. We feel truly blessed by our time with you.

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  1. Sandi permalink
    August 31, 2010 6:27 pm

    Enjoy keeping up with your travels, guys. Love you and hope you’ve had a great furlough!

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