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August 27, 2010

Continuing from the last post – Our dear friend Aunt Diane is a teacher and tour guide at heart. She loves opportunities to open kids eyes to the world around them and behind them. While we were in Virginia, we also toured the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, where we found an old friend. Noah Joseph was just a kid in the youth group at Warrenton church of Christ when we left for Africa, but now he is a sophomore Naval cadet.

An interesting side-note is, that Tucker has declared his plans to apply for admission to West Point for his college training. We have learned it isn’t too early to begin preparation. Neither is it too early to pray for his direction.

Another one of Aunt Diane’s history excursions was to Harper’s Ferry, WV. We were thrilled to step a few steps along the Appalachian Trail, just to feel common ground, so to speak, with our teammates the Amoses, who have traversed much of the path already.

Marty has begun a tradition with the boys of a ‘coming of age’ event when they each turn thirteen. He took advantage of being in the Shenandoah Mountains and having Bob Kolodner’s help (Bob is an expert climber and repeller, and the pulpit minister at Warrenton) to bring Taylor to the edge of his fears and make the leap into young manhood. Marty, Tucker and Jon Justice (Warrenton youth minister) charged and encouraged Taylor to move into the realm of becoming a man for Jesus. (As a teaser, I think Marty will have some words about the night spent in the howling rainstorm on the edge of the cliff – wait for it!)

To round out the boys time in the DC area, Uncle Nic came through again with seats to a Nationals game. The boys gorged themselves on hotdogs, cotton candy and nachos, then came home looking a little green around the gills. What could be better?

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