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Chuckee Cheese NO More …We Hope

August 27, 2010

Trevor is our only lonely birthday. The rest of our birthdays are between January 24 and March 7, but Trevor gets a summer birthday all to himself. If we are on furlough during the summer, we know we will have to have a Chuckee Cheese party. The frenzy of that place is custom made for Trevor. His eyes bulge with excitement if he even sees a sign on the highway. So for one last time, we hope, we convinced my family in Huntsville to meet us at the overstimulating spot for pizza and games.

Trevor wasn’t the only one that got into the fun, though.

My mother found out she likes skee ball.

And my sister could have been the Alabama Skee Ball champ.

And my Dad and brother-in-law apparently have a thing for party hats! Who knew?

Happy Birthday, Trevor. We sure are glad God surprised us with you.

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