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Time Is Flying or Sailing By

June 29, 2010

This furlough is going very quickly and we are not doing a super job of communicating this way. Let’s say we should have a little grace for we are communicating in person with many of you. I will try and give you a recap quickly of our time thus far.

Marty and the boys arrived in DC on May 22. It had a been a long enough separation that Tucker had taken the half-inch lead I had in height, he promptly noted that we were eye to eye in the airport. As would be expected, Marty hit the ground running. He spoke to our church family in Warrenton the next morning. We spent that week reconnecting with our friends and being introduced to newer families there. One of the highlights for the boys was, believe it or not, shopping! In all our years of furloughs, I have typically gone and bought their clothes without their input. But this year, they wanted to have some say so in their wardrobe. Marty and I doled out an envelope of cash for each one and took them to the stores. Now I know this is a terrible chore for most mothers come back-to-school time, but it was really fun to watch them each go about it. Personality really plays a part here. Careful thought and trying on, mad dash to get the job done, overdoing it; they all had their own shopping style.

The boys were teated to a fabulous adventure on the Chesepeake Bay. Our friend Diane took us sailing on a schooner and then we toured the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. We visited with a former Warrenton Youth Grouper, Noah, who just finished his pleabe year. Also while in VA., Marty enlisted the help of our ministers, Bob and John, to initiate Taylor into young manhood. The rite consisted of cliff climbing and repelling and a tumultuous night of camping on the cliff face.

The second Sunday Marty spoke to the church, he tried a little experiment with them. Using the inductive Bible study method we are implementing in Rwanda, he led the whole service through a small group study. It was quite interesting and we think effective in giving them an idea of how our disciple making movement is going to grow.

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