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Reporting Live from America

June 5, 2010

In May, I (Louise) boarded a plane alone bound for America. The main purpose for my advanced trip was to spend some quality time with my parents before the rest of the family converged on them.

I began my trip with a 12 hour lay over in the Entebbe Airport in Uganda, where there is virtually nothing to do. But then the flight to Amsterdam was uneventful and I sat on the bulkhead with lots of room to stretch out. In Amsterdam, I checked into the Yotel and got some horizontal sleep and a shower. With that refreshing stop, I made the last leg of the journey to Dulles. My dear friends, Nic and Diane Wheeler met me at Dulles and I went home with them. My stay in Warrenton was short, but included: a doctor’s visit, speaking to the ladies class at church and a little shopping. Three days after landing in D.C., I flew to Huntsville, AL. I was sweetly welcomed by my family.

I spent two weeks enjoying the company of my parents, sisters and friends. We ate a lot! Mom and I got in some shopping.

I arrived in Huntsville on my Dad’s 82nd birthday. It was the first time I can remember since I left home that I have been there for his birthday. I got to witness in person, the presentation of the birthday hat. My niece, Mallory has been making PaPa a birthday hat since she was just a few years old. They say it has gotten bigger every year. She outdid herself this time.

I also managed to be there for Mother’s Day. It has been atleast as long since I have been able to celebrate the wonder of a mother that sweet lady has been. She is unsurpassed in her service, unmovable in her love and undaunting in her faith. My niece, Maegan organized lunch to honor all of us mothers.

A long standing tradition has been to go to Fayetteville, TN. to a pool room/hamburger joint with my Dad. Honey’s Restaurant and Pool Hall has been in operation since maybe the 40’s. I remember when, as a little girl, it wasn’t proper for ladies or children to go inside, so my Dad would go buy a sack of their famous slaw-burgers and bring them out to the town square and we would eat them on a park bench or in the car. Sometime in the 80’s, they put in booths and moved the pool tables to the back, making it respectable for us womenfolk to go inside. When I went away to college, I would always request a pool-room burger when I went home. In fact the Father/Daughter outings were so significant to me, I requested a drive there two days before my wedding. One afternoon when I was home, Dad, Mom and I went to Honey’s, enjoyed our burgers and reminisced about our trips there.

The ladies in my family took a trip to Nashville to visit my Aunt Katherine, who is 84 and still walks 2 miles a day and looks great. We had a great lunch together and heard lots of stories of the “old days”.

Another tradition I always make time for when I am in Huntsville, is a dinner with my girlfriends from high school. I went to a small school (our graduating class numbered 30) and 16 of us had been there since kindergarten and only 2 or 3 of us have moved beyond the state line. So we were and  have remained a pretty close group. Eight of us were able to make it for dinner while I was there. As I stood looking around the group I marveled at the realization that all of us are still happily married to our first husbands, have healthy children and are in relationship with Jesus. Wow, an amazing feat for our generation.

At the end of my two weeks with family, I flew back to Warrenton to await Marty and the boys’ arrival. Three weeks had managed to crawl and fly at the same time. I was so blessed to spend that time with Mom and Dad, but I was also so blessed to be reunited with my guys.

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