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Closure for Rose

April 20, 2010

Rose, a genocide orphan, saw her family, except for her father, killed before her eyes.  She, as well, was thrown in a latrine and left to die.  Miraculously she crawled out, and at the age of 6 was left to fend for herself.  With killers on the loose hunting for new victims as well as survivors she spent two months hiding and miraculously surviving.  On occasion others would hide her, yet she had to stay on the move in order to save herself.  Eventually, after the genocide ended, another family took her in, permanently.  Yet, her memories of death and the pain she had endured continued to haunt her and plague her with great difficulty.  By God’s grace she was led to Xtra Mile Ministries, part of our work in ATN.  Charles Kabeza and the rest of the teams, genocide orphans themselves, spend weekends meeting with, counseling, and encouraging the orphans helping them to deal with and overcome their grief and haunting memories of the past.

This last week an amazing thing happened.  The skeletons of her siblings and mom were discovered.  As part of the genocide memorial week they called together the people of Rose’s district for a funeral for Rose’s family.  I was surprised by the total number of people present, but what pleased me was that Rose was surrounded by her new family as she went through this difficult day, the Mobile Family of Xtra Mile.

Praise God for the new beginning Rose now has surrounded by her new family.

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