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Kenyan Getaway

April 12, 2010

East African missionaries have a long-standing tradition of retreats. They have been held at the same place in Kenya since the 80’s, so I was told. Once you visit The Rondo Retreat Center in Kakamega, Kenya, you understand why they never have it anywhere else. It is a tropical oasis set right in the middle of a rainforest. There are Calobus monkeys playing in the canopy overhead. There are rare Turaco birds perched there as well. The cottages are as quaint as anything you could imagine in the Shire.

2001 Tabligbo Ladies at Rondo

I had the pleasure of going to Rondo in 2001 with my Tabligbo teammates. In the years since that trip, the picture of Rondo had grown to etherial proportions in my mind. I prepared myself to be a little disappointed, but, alas, I was not. It was every bit as wonderful as I remembered it being.

Of course, all I have spoken of is the superficial, the surroundings. What really is breathtaking is the beautiful atmosphere of the people. There is a tight-knit sense of family at these retreats. Remember, many of them have been getting together for 3 or more decades.

2010 - Rwanda Ladies

We, the newcomers to East Africa, were enveloped in camaraderie. There were many women there that some of us had known in the past, some that we had only known of, and many others to meet for the first time. For Nancy Shewmaker, it was a delightful reunion, as she had lived many years in this side of the continent.

There is this precious little chapel set in the edge of the forest, lined with planks from floor to ceiling that reverberates with harmony. I can only imagine the myriad praises those walls have reflected over the years.

It was a joy and delight to become acquainted with women working all over East Africa. To hear stories of many years of service to the King. I renewed friendships of the past and made new friends.

The little chapel.

I had great moments of quiet before God alone. I rested in Him, physically and spiritually.

I came back refreshed and renewed.

(The men also enjoyed a retreat at Ronda the month before. Marty found the same rest and refreshing I did.)

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  1. April 14, 2010 5:31 pm

    Sounds wonderful! So glad it was such a great retreat for you!! Looking forward to visiting it with you in a couple of years!

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