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Peace and Development in Vogan

January 21, 2010

I drove to Vogan with great joy and anticipation to reconnect with Hammer and his family there.  From the moment we arrived in Togo in 1997 and met Hammer’s family, we loved them.  Since then we have seen them go through many difficulties, often struggling, praying, fasting, and counseling each other.  In all of it, though, their spiritual maturity, humility, faith, and love were clearly seen.  In the midst of the struggles we always found them praying for their enemies and those who persecuted them.

Beginning in the fall of 2005 a plot came to life to run their family out of Vogan.  Most regrettably it originated with someone they had brought to Christ a few years earlier.  The battle began.  We entered the fray alongside their family as the church confusedly began picking sides.  This went on for three years.  In the beginning, it seemed that all was lost.  In fact for the first year, I had little hope that the church would make it.  Then, as time passed, the believers there began to wake up and realize that it was the humble man of God they should be listening to.  When we left in 2008, the church was still struggling, having just given the boot to those who began the division.

What I witnessed when I returned was a place of healing and joy.  Some had returned who left during the strife.  Others had traded in their sadness for joy, and there were many new faces who had heard of this family of believers and wanted to take part in their hope.  It was wonderful eating at Hammer’s table again and seeing our friends there, but what brought me the most joy was all of the work that had sprung to life in this last year.  Two main works that began were a primary school and the clinic.  The clinic has been in the works for many years now, but even after it was finished, because of the division we couldn’t open it.  Now it is up and running, serving through the treatment of wounds, malaria testing, and simple infections.  It runs at full capacity with Hammer and an RN from North Carolina named Sara Hogg.  They serve about a hundred patients daily both at the clinic in Vogan and in neighboring villages as it goes mobile two days a week.  The school began this year and is teaching in English and FrencClinich first grade through sixth.  It has eighteen students, nine of which are orphans that live with Hammer and Dela.   The school is directed by a couple named Bruno and Amy, who are members in Vogan.  I came away from Vogan really excited for the future.  Whereas the school, the clinic, and Hammer’s home orphanage all need prayers and further development; I was just so happy to see them at peace and being so fruitful for Jesus.  What a great way to start out my visit with the Watchi Christians.

John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches.  If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

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  1. the Miller family permalink
    January 21, 2010 8:13 pm

    Loved reading this and hearing all that God has brought them through and is doing through them. ’97was the year we stayed with them as interns and starting loving them too! We will continue to be in prayer for them as the clinic and school grows!

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