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Surprised by Togo

January 10, 2010

In late November, the day after Thanksgiving, I traveled to Togo to encourage the leaders there and to observe how the work was going a year after our departure.

We stepped off the plane in Lome, the same heat we left there greeted us as soon as they opened the door.  The same grumpy soldiers gave us our visas and the same customs agents expecting something for nothing asked for handouts as they checked our bags.  We stayed in the same room as usual for our overnight in Lome at the Baptist Conference Center and were greeted by the same loving families from the Kabiye team that had sent us off a year earlier.  I had prepared for staying in the villages and as for transportation I had acquired my old motorcycle from the mechanic that bought it.  So there I was driving the same old motorcycle wearing the same old clothes about to visit my old friends driving along the same roads with everything feeling incredibly familiar.

God, though, who, I am learning, loves surprises was about to hit me with some big ones.  I have reduced them down to the six main ones and hope that they will encourage you as they have me.  God showed me that it may have been the same Togo that we left behind, but it wasn’t the same Watchi people.  Jesus was there and things were changing so much for the better.

Read on, over the next several posts and rejoice with me about the changes and maturity that we observed while visiting Togo for eight days in December.

Surprise #1 Peace and development in Vogan

Surprise #2 Deep commitments in Atitogon

Surprise #3 Stability in Tabligbo

Surprise #4 Dogbati wants to evangelize

Surprise #5 Ahepe is … still there and now is growing

Surpise #6 Less idols, more Jesus

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  1. the Millers permalink
    January 10, 2010 7:49 pm

    This made us smile and say “Amen!” Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever…making lives better every step of the way. So glad that you guys got to come. Can’t wait to see the things that God will do here when we leave!

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