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Black Wednesday

December 4, 2009

Many of you may have just recovered from the day after Thanksgiving shopping spree, known in America as Black Friday. Now I for one am not so thrilled about getting up at 4am, even if it means saving some money. We all have our priorities, and I value sleep above savings.

But I also value my buddies.

And one of them, who shall remain nameless, really missed the chaos this year. For her, it is actually much more about the shared experience with her family. Well, I know we are a poor substitute for the sisters in the States, but we just had to try.

So, with some modifications, we created our own shopping event in Kigali.

  • We weren’t all able to got on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so we scheduled a Wednesday.
  • There are no malls or super centers, so we went to the largest indoor market in town, Nyabugogo. Imagine all the neighbors in your town renting a space the size of a football field and having a yard sale.
  • Since the rest of the city had not seen the advertisements for our one-day shopping event, we were in no rush. We started at 9:00.

Six of us set sail – sorry – set out for a day of bargains.

We found used clothes, baskets, scarves and necklaces. We laughed a lot and did a big finish at Africa Bite Restaurant.

Christine, Louise, Lori, Rebecca, Nancy & Kristin - happy shoppers.

I wouldn’t promise that it filled in for a family tradition, but maybe it set up a new friend tradition.

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